Psychotherapie Dipl.-Psych. Alf Mante
Psychotherapie Praxis

As a psychologist and non-medical practitioner for non-approved psychotherapy, I work primarily for patients with private health insurance and for self-payers. Costs that are not reimbursed by the health insurance must be paid by the patient. However, there is the possibility of claiming non-reimbursed medical practitioner costs as an extraordinary tax burden.


All sessions are calculated individually based on income. Please contact me if you can not afford it for economic reasons and we will work together to find a solution.


Informationsflyer „Kostenerstattung“
BPtK_Ratgeber_Kostenerstattung.pdf (192.38KB)
Informationsflyer „Kostenerstattung“
BPtK_Ratgeber_Kostenerstattung.pdf (192.38KB)

There are too few psychotherapists with a cash register. Therefore, patients often have to wait months for a treatment center. However, if you can prove that you have already been unsuccessful in the case of several psychotherapists with a cash register approval and urgently require treatment, then the statutory health insurance funds should bear the costs of treatment with psychotherapists or non-medical practitioners for psychotherapy who are not admitted. These work in a private practice and have a state treatment permit but no POS and. For the treatment you will receive an invoice, which you can submit to the health insurance. Detailed information on reimbursement including sample letters can be found in the BPtKInformation flyer "Reimbursement"

Self-payers :

The benefits of private funding are very clear. You can start therapy without long waiting times. In addition, you have the free choice of the preferred therapy method and the therapist. Another advantage is that no one learns about your therapy. Some insurance companies charge significantly higher premiums if you have prior experience with therapy.

The first session is a short briefing. All further sessions are individually calculated privately according to income. 

Please contact me if you can not afford it for economic reasons and we will work together to find a solution.

Private Health Insurance (PKV)

Private health insurance companies take over the psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz. Likewise some Ersatzkassen. The condition is that the patient has insured in his health insurance contract the assumption of the psychotherapeutic services of the non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy. 

Insurances that cover the costs of treatment by alternative psychotherapists include the following:

  • alliance
  • AOK
  • Continentale health insurance
  • Debeka
  • R + V insurance
  • Signal Iduna insurance

Statutory Health Insurance (GKV)

Treatment costs for a therapy with a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy are usually not covered by the statutory health insurance.

Therefore, it is particularly recommended for compulsorily insured to cover the cost of psychotherapy by a natural health practitioner by a supplementary health insurance supplement. Additional insurance can be obtained for relatively low monthly contributions. When concluding, please pay attention to which benefits will be reimbursed and whether the benefits will be paid immediately or whether you will have to bridge a waiting period (often half a year).

Exceptionally, treatment costs may be reimbursed if psychotherapy is urgently and immediately required, but the waiting time for registered psychotherapists is too long in individual cases. This should be discussed by the client with his statutory health insurance in any case. This usually requires a very persistent and relentless appearance at the health insurance.